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Alt Text, missing first character

I am not blaming this App, only Microsoft Outlook. When I have alt text in email signature, the first letter is missing in the alt text description. Any suggestions?

Did Not Address My Issue

I purchased this thinking this would solve an issue we are having with Outlook not embedding our company logo with our siganture blocks. Its doesnt. Email receiptents are still not able to see the logos…they just get an “?” or “x” where the logo should appear….

Does what it says!

Super simple utility but works great. They warn you about needing to know HTML but if you have a signature in Word already formatted, it offers an option to copy as HTML and create the tags for you. Create your signature as you want it to look in Word first then copy it in as HTML (paste and select the option to copy as HTML) and take a look at the preview and it will be the same. Easy to use and looks great. Make sure in “Composing” preferences in Outlook for Mac that you also have it set to use HTML as the default for new emails or it will show as plain text.

Great Little Tool

I use Email Siganture Rescue (ok app) and this is ESSENTIAL for 2016 Outlook (mac) integration. Works great though!

Stop the Nagging Screen!

You pay for this app - which does what it says it does - but then it nags you every.single.use for a rating. Better be free if you’re gonna stay in my face like that. So, 1 star because it’s a PIA.

Doesn’t do anything you can’t do on your own

The description of this app gives the impression that it supports HTML formatting beyond what Outlooks signature interface offers. When I previewed my signature in the app it looked perfect. But the signature it created in Outlook looks horrendous. Absolutely none of the formatting gets applied. What waste of $3.

Close but no cigar...

I bought this app in the hopes it would solve the stupid email signature formatting problem that exists in Outlook 2016. It almost did. It did indeed allow me to make the main part of my signature look like I intended it to, but doesn’t allow me to embed an animated GIF. That’s what I really needed and as such I continue my search for a way to fix this annoying and ridiculous problem.

Solves a big problem

CCO of a major client was really mad we could not get HTML siganture to work without embedding images. This program enabled us to use our HTML with linked images and saved the day. Literally save hours and hours of work.

Embedded images lost

Works not bad, but embedded image got lost in converted signature

Fantastic and JUST WHAT I NEEDED!

This utility is fantastic. I was able to get my signature to look right on OWA and Windows, but Outlook 2016 for Mac never worked right. I followed a bunch of articles instructing how to edit files buried in ~/Library, but none worked. Thirty seconds after launching this utility, all was fixed. Thank you for such a great tool!


What a waste of money. All this app does is exactly what copy and paste in Outlook does. It doesn’t retain any more formatting that a simple copy and paste. Not so impressed.

Simple but effective

App is straightforward and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I needed an HTML signature and Outlook refused to preserve formatting. This did the trick at a reasonable price! Thanks!


Creating a HTML signature in Outlook is not that difficult, but I struggled for hours trying to prevent Outlook sending my signature images as attachments. This app solves that problem. Great work!

This saved me a lot of time

I was scanning about a hundred articles to figure out how to do this, and this app did it! easy peasy! Thank you!!

Works well!

Solves a huge problem for us!

solved a time consuming issue

This app completely eliminated the need for me to keep copying and pasting my business info into emails containing correspondence or invoices for my small glass studio. Thank you!

works perfect!

This app does everything it’s supposed to, and got my HTML email signature up and running in no time!! why didn’t outlook think of this? :)

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